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Challenger Champions

We love to celebrate the success of IFS customers. And recognizing that behind every success are people with their own unique stories, the Challenger Champions initiative was born.

The Challenger Champions are an amazing set of individuals within the IFS customer community who are challenging the status quo in the quest to achieve great things.

They are catalysts of change and they think in new and innovative ways, in order to make a difference and have a real impact for the businesses they are part of.

This is their story.

Charles Nshimiyimana
Inventory Manager – EDCL

Charles' company is responsible for the generation, transmission and distribution of electricity in Rwanda.

"I feel proud when I hear my colleagues telling me how IFS makes their work much easier."

Zainab Abbas
Director – Investment & Projects, Akbar Brothers

Zainab and her colleagues work at the world's leading exporter of Ceylon tea and use IFS solutions extensively in their operations to gain a competitive advantage and improve business processes.

"Being a Challenger is about creating a simple solution to a complex problem."

Jodie Hatch
Chief Technology Officer – Resolute Mining

Jodie's team has implemented IFS solutions to operate in innovative ways using a collaborative approach. As a result, the entire operation with its dispersed geographical locations run on a single platform.

"It is never just about the technology."

Bjarte Haugland
Area Head IM&IT – Apply

Bjarte leads ten developers and four project managers all working with IFS Applications. He likes challenging the norms and feels it’s due to the success the business has had running IFS solutions that he has been nominated as a Challenger Champion.

“Being a challenger means always looking for new ways to improve what you do.”

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Marie Sköldenborg
IFS Applications Coordinator – Floatel

Marie feels proud of what she has built up when she sees IFS Lobbies on the computer screens at work and wants her colleagues to feel as though IFS Applications is their friend. She loves change and is always thinking of ways to improve and challenge what Floatel colleagues are working.

“I think anyone can be a Challenger, it’s a mindset.”

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The Challenger Champions Initiative
Oliver Pilgerstorfer – CMO, IFS

IFS’s CMO Oliver explains the reasoning behind the Challenger Champions program and states why it’s important to celebrate the stories of those that are challenging the status quo within business.

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