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面向 ETO、以计划为中心的环境的国防制造业软件解决方案

for aerospace and defense manufacturing

    IFS 应用系统为航空航天与国防制造业提供一套单独的以项目为导向的 ERP 解决方案。通过严密的项目管理控制,IFS 可针对复杂制造项目或按单设计要求提供完整的产品生命周期管理。借助完整集成的功能,企业能够在从设计到全周期支持再到分阶段结束的整个过程中管理项目,同时控制合同成本、提高供应链效率、遵循出口管制法规并增强 ISO 合规水平。

  • 合同管理与控制
  • 产品生命周期管理
  • 制造(项目交付、按单设计)
  • 售后支持
  • 以计划为中心的制造业
  • 成本遵从与控制
  • 资产追踪与控制
  • 出口管制

Whitepaper: A&D manufacturing takes on Industry 4.0

How is 'Aerospace & Defense 4.0’ helping A&D manufacturers of all sizes become more connected, adaptive, intelligent and secure in an increasingly cyber-aware ecosystem?

This paper discusses four key focus areas for manufacturers looking to capitalize on Aerospace & Defense 4.0—and centers around some common feedback we hear from our customer base when they look to future-proof their business.

  • Connectivity at the core
  • Configurability crucial
  • Intelligence must be evolutionary
  • Security paramount

Take a step toward future-proofing your business

Babcock delivers over 4,600 projects with IFS

See why Babcock uses IFS’ ERP solution to manage Babcock’s multiple projects—such as shipbuilding, submarine maintenance and management of critical assets for multiple customers.

Empowering through-life availability of critical Aerospace & Defense assets