ERP Solutions for Process Manufacturing

ERP Software for Process Manufacturing

For today's process manufacturing and distribution businesses, it is a constant juggling act to meet the ever-changing demands of customers and regulatory bodies. A balance between faster and more cost-effective processes weighed up against the need for product safety and transparency must exist. It is a fast-paced industry with new product design and innovation at its heart. This ever-changing environment must be balanced with the needs to comply with FDA, BRC, MHRA, USDA, EFSA and REACH requirements.

Enterprise software for today's process manufacturer

Process manufacturing companies now have global footprints and markets, which is why IFS Applications provides seamless supply chain communication with subsidiaries, suppliers, partners and customers─whether they are across town or in another country. With the ability to monitor your processes across geographical and departmental boundaries, your business can sense and respond to changes in demand, enabling you to strike a balance between customer service and cost of supply.

Whether your business specializes in food and beverage, chemicals or life sciences, IFS Applications offers all the core mixed-mode process capabilities you would expect from a modern enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution.

The service oriented design and configurability of IFS Applications make it one of the most cost- and time-effective process solutions to implement. It is highly scalable so that as your business grows, IFS Applications can grow with you.

IFS is a leading supplier to the process manufacturing industry

IFS helps process manufacturing organizations to embrace what’s next by providing:

  • Industry expertise
  • Agile software
  • Global reach

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IFS Applications enables Akbar Brothers to meet its customer service promises

The world’s leading exporter of tea from Sri Lanka, Akbar Brothers has enjoyed improved productivity, increased employee satisfaction and rapid customer-order fulfilments since first implementing IFS Applications in 2010.

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    饮料公司 William Grant 弃用 SAP 和 Oracle,转而选择 IFS 应用系统作为流程 ERP。


    无论您的分支机构、供应商、合作伙伴和客户位于城市或全球的哪个位置,您试想过与他们进行无缝的供应链沟通吗?并且不受地域和部门的限制对流程进行监控?您是否能够轻易察觉和应对需求变化以在客户服务与供应成本之间取得平衡?如果您拥有一个独立的集成化系统,能够支持质量管理、产品开发、物料合规性预测和客户关系管理,并且可以将数据即时传递到所需人员那里,那将会是怎样一番情景?如果您的 ERP 解决方案能够满足您所在行业的需求,包括配方管理、批量平衡、批次跟踪、多计量单位以及保质期和有效期管理,那又会怎样?设想一下,如果有一个 ERP 供应商能够自动确保物料符合流程始终满足国内和国际法律的规定和要求会是怎样?并且为您提供集成化的生态足迹管理?


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IFS Applications helps Silvermill Group face climate change challenges


A shortage of raw materials brought on by climate change was creating complex macroeconomic challenges for Silvermill Group; a supplier of coconut ingredients. In addition, recent diversification and rapid expansion of operations had also presented management with a resourcing challenge.


Competition is on the rise. Price and margin pressures combine with increased supply chain complexity to create an environment where maintaining or improving efficiency is essential as the business landscape grows in size and complexity.

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