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IFS 学院 - IFS 授权培训中心

The official educational resource on IFS solution functionality, architecture and implementation.

在 IFS,我们深知被认可专家的重要性 - 因此,为了帮助我们的客户和合作伙伴丰富知识并体现专业水平,我们启动了 IFS 学院培训计划。

IFS Academy

Why enroll with IFS Academy?

Participating in ongoing education through IFS Academy can help you:

  • Realize more value from IFS by starting to use features, functions and capabilities you already have access to
  • Quick return on investment by compressing what would have been a gradual progression towards mastery to mere hours
  • On-board new employees quickly and efficiently
  • Establish yourself as an expert on your company’s software environment

Enterprise Resource Planning

IFS Applications Financials Consultant

1. IFS Applications 10 Essentials More
2. General Ledger
3. Accounts Payable
4. Accounts Receivable
5. Project Finance
6. Fixed Assets
7. Financial Analysis
8. Group Consolidation
9. E-Invoice More

IFS Applications Supply Chain Consultant

1. IFS Applications 10 Essentials More
2. Inventory Replenishment More
3. SRM & Procurement More
4. Sales Order (Customer Orders) More
5.  Rental Management More
6. Shipment Management More

IFS Applications Manufacturing Consultant

1. IFS Applications 10 Essentials More
2. Discrete Manufacturing (Shop Order) More
3. Costing More
4. Shop Floor Reporting More
5.  Material & Resource Planning  More
6.  Repetitive Manufacturing  More
7.  Batch Process Manufacturing  More
8.  Configure & Make to Order  More

IFS Applications Projects Consultant

1. IFS Applications 10 Essentials More
2. Project Management
3. Project Reporting More
4. Project Budgeting & Forecasting
5.  Sub-Contract Management
6.  Sales Contract Management
7.  Risk Management
8. Planning & Scheduling

IFS Applications Maintenance Consultant

1. IFS Applications 10 Essentials More
2. Equipment More
3. Work Order More
4. Preventative Maintenance More

IFS Applications Engineering Consultant

1. IFS Applications 10 Essentials More
2. PDM Configuration More
3. Engineering Change Management More
4. Project Delivery More

IFS Applications Human Capital Management Consultant

1. IFS Applications 10 Essentials More
2. Employee & Organization Management
3. Time and Attendance More
4. Employee & Manager Self-Service More
5.  Expense Management More
6. Health and Safety More
7. Qualifications & Employee Development More
8. Training Management More
9. Payroll Administration  More
10. Recruitment More

IFS Applications Developer

Developer Essentials

1. Base Server Development for Application Core More

Aurena Development

1. Aurena Development More

Integration Development

1. Middle Tier Development More
2. Setting Up and Configuring Integrations More

Application Forms Development

1. Application Forms Development More

Other Training

1. IFS Report Designer Development More

IFS Applications Technician

Technician Essentials

1. Installation of IFS Applications More
2. Administration and Configuration of IFS Applications More

Middleware Administration

1. IFS Middleware Server Administration and Configurations More
2. Integration and Print Configuration for IFS Applications More

Technical Consultant

1. IFS Lobby More
2. Custom Objects More
3. Data Migration More

Service Management

IFS Field Service Management Consultant

1. IFS FSM Essentials More
2. IFS FSM Specialist More

IFS Planning and Scheduling Optimization Consultant

1. IFS PSO Essentials More
2. IFS PSO Specialist More

Can't find the right course?

If you do not find what you need please get in touch with us and we will be happy to point you towards the right course or develop a customized program specifically for your requirements.