IFS Academy Courses for Developers

To attend our courses, participants must be familiar with ERP software in general and the look & feel of IFS Applications. In addition, they must have a good understanding of the applicable business processes for their area of expertise. Industry experience is highly recommended. Finally, knowledge of Object Oriented Design principles with SQL, PLSQL, C# and JAVA languages is a must.

Associate Courses

Training Module Type Duration  
Base Server Development for Application Core Workshop 3 days More
Translations, "Terms" Concept & Term Binding Workshop 1 day More
IFS Report Designer Development Workshop 2 days More

Specialist Courses

Training Module Type Duration  
Application Forms Development Workshop 5 days More
Middle Tier Development Workshop 3 days More
Setting Up and Configuring Integrations Workshop 2 days More

要参加我们的课程,学员必须对 ERP 软件有大致的了解并熟悉 IFS 应用系统的外观。此外,学员还必须深入了解适用于其所在专业领域的业务流程。强烈建议学员具有相关行业经验。最后,学员必须了解面向对象设计的原则以及 SQL、PLSQL、C# 和 JAVA 语言的相关知识。


IFS 学院培训课程最初面向 IFS 合作伙伴网络的会员开放。  会员可以点击下方的链接,加入面向开发人员或技术人员的计划课程,或者申请参加面向开发人员、技术人员或顾问的按需培训课程。